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Packages and Planning

Joshua Wright - Wedding Packages

Our bespoke wedding packages were thoughtfully conceived to be comprehensive but without the fluff. Choose from one or two photographers with coverage from four to eight hours, ensuring every nuance is documented, from the tender moments of the ceremony to the lively celebrations.

As a testament to our dedication, each package includes a generous amount of prints and a timeless heirloom custom photo storage solution. This elegant keepsake is designed to safeguard your precious memories, providing a tangible touch to your digital treasures. When considering your digital treasures, we also provide a personal web gallery and archival collection of all your images provided on a portable storage drive.

P&S Party Package

The Point & Shoot Party Package is another option that we added in response to the success at our own wedding.  It was an absolute hit! This rotating assortment of film cameras are provided for the wedding party and guests to document the shenanigans. These are not disposable cameras. The image quality is exceptional and the results are priceless. As with our film wedding coverage, all film is scanned at ultra-high resolution and processed with the remainder of the photos. Analog darkroom prints are optionally available.

Analog & Digital Coverage

Offering analog coverage in addition to digital isn’t just a flex. Something really magical happens when a photo is taken with film. Light bounces off of you and your spouse, travels through our lens and burns an image on to the film emulsion. The film is developed by hand, scanned and processed with the rest of the images. True magic happens when a print is made from the film in a darkroom. Light passes through the film once more and the image from your wedding day is exposed on to silver coated paper. That film and darkroom print have a tangible and physical connection to every moment captured from your wedding day. You can’t order this from a store and the process must begin with film, which is optionally included in all of our packages.